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           Welcome to ACREMON 

Our company is dedicated to give silver and gold re-platings to pieces which have lost their original coatings due to their use or deterioration, or platings to new in series pieces you want to give a higher value.We do all the processes of pilishing, brightening, degreasing...,using them depending on the operations needed in each piece for its state and mateial (brass, calamine, steel...).We remove all previous coatings of the  pieces through chemical or mechanic ways in order to optimize the adherence of the new plating.

    Watch cases and bracelets are our speciality, whose prices can be seen in the attached tariff and are exactly the same for lady and gentleman watches. In that price lis, you will find the prices for the pieces we use to plate depending on the thickness of the coating your to be given.The regular thickness for silver platings is 10 microns.

    We use to apply a protecting varnish to the pieces we give a silver plating to preserve them from dirt.There are some pieces which are not plated because of the material they are made, as for example clock pendulums and weights.In this case, we just apply the protecting varnish. We also give rhodium plating, whose price is the same as for 5 microns gold coatings.

   We normally give our plating in  10 days.Watches should be sent without their machines, and without glasses if it is possible. It is recommendable to unstick possible stones, specially the precious ones, fixed to the pieces you send, because they can be lost during the different processes of plating. Plastic pieces can be deterirated due to the higt temperature of coating.

    The sending service can be made by regular post or by a haulage company, with which we have a really cheap agree.

     Ask for special prices if you have a considerable number of in series pieces to plate or re-plate.

       I invite you to test our work, in wich more than 2000 customers all over Europe trust. We offer results of the highest quality thansks to our great experience. Of course, we guarrantee all our works.

   If you want to belong to our regional agents network, just contac us via e-mail  acremon

                                    Alejandro Ruz Hidalgo.